A lovely pre-wedding photo-shoot through Tuscan olive trees

A lovely pre-wedding photo-shoot through Tuscan olive trees
I know Francesca for a long time and when she told me that she was going to get married I was really happy!
Marco is a great guy and I knew him by sight from high school. As soon as I heard the news I propose them a pre-wedding session through Tuscan olive trees in the beautiful Podere Rondinaio, near Pistoia.
It was a late August afternoon and the weather was perfect: the rustle of the leaves was charming and the couple cannot wait to begin!
Francesca chose Elena, friend and a great make-up artist which I often work with, to be perfect that day.
Olive trees are great for an engagement shooting session: their shades cover from the burning sun and create an ideal background. The landscape of the hills with the sunset light was the cherry on top!
A spontaneous and natural photographic service, in the sunset light of Tuscany, is a wonderful memory, that will be remembered in the future.


Podere Rondinaio

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