An intimate wedding in a gorgeous medieval burg near Siena

An intimate wedding in a gorgeous medieval burg near Siena
When I received a request for an intimate wedding in the countryside around Siena I was excited! The typical landscape of Tuscan hills is famous all over the world and this must be one of the reasons why Kristen and Bobby, from New York, have chosen this place to renew their vows renewal. Their wedding venue was Borgo Lucignanello Bandini, an entirely restructured medieval burg, perfect for intimate ceremonies.
You can breathe the history of the place all around: an old olive tree, some aromatic plants and roses fill the garden. The swimming pool was like a great mirror during the ceremony and the background with the open Tuscan hills, with a big olive grove, is just how Tuscany is in the collective imagination.
Kristen is gorgeous, a wonderful and elegant bride with her veil, she left all speechless when she appeared! As a wedding photographer, I have seen many ceremonies, however, this one was really touching and the few guests there were really happy for the couple! The sky wasn’t clear but that couldn’t lower the happiness of the bride and groom, as you can see from the picture of the toast!
Walking in the little streets of the medieval burg you can feel the tradition all around and every corner is perfect for a picture: stairs covered in jasmine with some red grapevine on the wall, the turquoise doors, and an ancient red brick arch, etc.. This location is simply perfect for a wedding photo service in Tuscany!
A little wrought iron spiral staircase leads me and the couple to the upper part of the burg, where we can have a view of the surrounding Tuscan countryside, typical of Siena. Kristen and Bobby are at their ease and their love for each other is clear, the portraits with the couple were authentic and spontaneous.
The villa of the countess of the burg is covered with a gorgeous plant that creates a wonderful background for every wedding pictures.
The service ended with a walk in a dirt road with cypress trees on the sides, where I could get these awesome pictures with the bride and groom.


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