A romantic wedding on the rocks of Vernazza

A romantic wedding on the rocks of Vernazza
Choosing to get married in the first days of May could be risky! The weather in this month is extremely unstable, heavy rain and bright skies are pretty common on the same day, for this reason, you’ll need a bit of luck when you are planning your wedding in Cinque Terre.
Today’s wedding was planned by the gorgeous Cinque Terre Wedding in the beautiful village of Vernazza, on the Italian Riviera.
Kelly's dress has a wonderful story to tell: the dress of the bride is the original dress from her grandmother’s wedding and has been used also by the mother and aunt of the bride, it’s a family tradition! Its origin explains why this gown has a unique vintage style.
The wedding location was Al Castello restaurant, under the fabulous Doria Castle in Vernazza. The panorama from the terrace where the wedding was celebrated was gorgeous, with the blue sea and the black rocks.
As I have written before, choosing to celebrate your wedding in this month requires a little bit of luck, however, the weather was fine and the white clouds in the sky have been a great addition to the wedding pictures! After the ceremony the newlyweds left the restaurant and followed me to the centre of the town, to get their wedding photos in Vernazza.


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