A dreamy surprise proposal in Manarola, Cinque Terre

A dreamy surprise proposal in Manarola, Cinque Terre
Organizing a surprise proposal is not an easy task but if you are planning one in another country, it can even be worse! When Franthesco wrote me an email, asking if I could help him to organize a surprise proposal to his partner, I immediately thought about Manarola in Cinque Terre.
I've already talked a lot about this beautiful region of Italy but, in case you'd missed it, see our dedicated articles here (Cinque Terre).
Returning to this story, organizing a surprise proposal only via email it's not easy, but we managed to! Franthesco told Valentine that he had gifted her a shooting with a photographer in the town they were about to arrive to, so she wasn't suspicious to see me waiting for them early in the morning at the train station.
I immediately lead them to the agreed spot, a gorgeous and hidden dock surrounded by the sea, where I asked the two to turn back to back. At this point, Franthesco kneed down and pop-up the big question.
After the big emotion of the moment of the proposal, we started to shoot pictures around the village of Manarola.
The village is a real gem and my favourite spot is its gulf, really amazing!
If you want to know why Manarola is a perfect village for your wedding proposalI have prepared an article about it here.
Now let's leave space to their photos!

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