- A few thoughts about the Covid-19 emergency -

- A few thoughts about the Covid-19 emergency -
Ciao a tutti,
I want to write a few thoughts about this after having taken a small pause this week.
You’ll know for sure that Italy is in lockdown since the 9th of March and during this week I have to admit that I felt a little bit lost. I’m not talking about the obligation to stay at home for a few weeks, this is a containment measure that is essential and required to help our hospitals and all the citizens that need medical cures. I know that it’s the right choice and I’m proud that our government had the courage to take such a difficult decision.
I’m talking about the uncertainty that will follow this period. Now that this virus has become pandemic, the whole world will be affected and I felt overwhelmed.
During these few days off social platforms, I had the time to elaborate these emotions and I have come to realize that yes, it will be hard but we, as a global community, can face this challenging period and maybe take this as a chance to be closer and more unite.

It’s not the time to stop sharing the beauty of love and emotions.

It’s not the time to crawl and cry.

Now it's the time to be strong and face our fears: the fear of uncertainty, the fear of being alone and distant from our loved ones.

Now it's the time to remain calm, to fight together and to believe that we will rise up again, fortified by this individual and collective experience.

Since I’m not a doctor or a nurse, to help in this situation I've decided to donate something to the hospital of Florence and I’m asking all my past and future couples that had/will have a wedding in Tuscany to do the same if they can. Every donation, even the smallest one, can help to face this crisis.

At this link you can donate as much as you want and can, everything will be given to the hospital:


We have prepared a “bonus” for everyone is going to donate, check our Instagram stories called “Help Florence”, we explain everything there.


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