Photographer in Vernazza

Photographer in Vernazza

Shooting as a professional photographer in Vernazza can give a lot of pleasure.
This small village is one of our favourites in Cinque Terre and we love to shoot here! There are a huge amount of great spots for shooting engagements, proposals and weddings.

Let’s discover some of these:

1. The beach of Vernazza

You’ll love this one! This location can be accessed by a characteristic rock tunnel and, when you arrive, you’ll find a pebble beach with gorgeous water to wait for you. Cinque Terre are famous for their coasts and cliffs. The beauty of the colours of the rocks here is amazing and as photographers, we can tell that this is one of the best locations to shoot with these beautiful rocks in the background.
A little warning during high season, this spot is a little crowded in from the morning to sunset, so it would be better to get there early in the morning if you’d like to avoid all the tourists. In low and mid- season there are no such problems.

2. The street with string lights

Parallel to main street there is a beautiful location to get wonderful photos. This is the most characteristic spot in Vernazza. You’ll find yourself fully immersed in the authentic Italian atmosphere. The pink walls give a warm touch to every couple and wedding picture and the string lights are just the cherry on top!

3. The harbour

The harbour of this village is really easy to get to. When you arrive with the train, the only thing that you should do is to walk all way through main street and you’ll find it in front of you. You cannot miss a photo with the village on the background with its warm pinky colours!

4. The rocks

The rocks are really close to the harbour (they are attached to it!) and are a wonderful spot at sunset, where you can have a stunning view of the Ligurian sea and the cliffs that surround the village. We shoot the best sunset photos in Cinque Terre here, so it is a must!

5. Doria Castle

We’d like to end this small list with the beautiful Doria Castle. We have to confess that isn’t super-easy to get to but it worth the view! Paying a small ticket entrance you can have a gorgeous view of all the town and the sea. This location is perfect for a proposal in Vernazza, since there is a beautiful view of all the town and there are multiple spots where to propose to your beloved. To get to the castle, follow the indications that you’ll find on your left when you are almost arrived at the harbor.

How to get to Vernazza

Vernazza is one of the locations in Cinque Terre that you don’t want to get to with your car. The parking is very far from the centre and you’d have to take a shuttle to get to the main street. Like many of the others Cinque Terre villages, we’d suggest you take the train from La Spezia (you’ll find parking right below the train station or nearby) or from Genoa.

Did you love this little town of Cinque Terre? Would you like to know all the other characteristic villages in this area and know what to do when you arrive in this locations? We have prepared a post about that and you can find it here.


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