Photographer in Monterosso al Mare

Photographer in Monterosso al Mare

Photographer in Monterosso al Mare

Monterosso al Mare is a perfect location for a photographer. This village is the biggest of the Cinque Terre and for this reason, here you’ll find more services than the other towns. If you are thinking about choosing this village for your photo service, below you will find the best locations that you shouldn’t miss:

1. The streets of the town

This town has a great central square with a fountain from which you can start your exploration of the village. The two main streets are really beautiful and characteristic, with gorgeous spots here and there that look like a painting!

2. The terrace over the sea

This may be a little hard to get to (especially on hot summer days!) however, this is a gorgeous spot for engagement and proposal photos! It’s usually not so much crowded and the view that you can get from up there of the sea and the beautiful Torre Aurora is unique!

3. The cliff over the sea

One of the most beautiful things that are unique about Cinque Terre, apart from the villages, are the cliffs over the sea that with their wilderness add a wonderful background to every photo. We personally love a particular spot that is gorgeous and that our couples love everytime!

4. Buranco winery

Really close to the centre of the town, this amazing winery is perfect for small and medium wedding ceremonies, engagement photos and proposals. Here you’ll find the perfect atmosphere if you don’t like crowded locations. This is also one of the few locations where you can have wonderful photos with the olive trees (you’ll love their small olive grove!). Highly recommended!

5. Ancora della Tortuga

This small restaurant is one of the best that you are going to find here in Monterosso Al Mare. The view that you can have here is amazing (ask for a table outside on the terrace). Finishing an engagement photo service at the table of this restaurant is a great conclusion of the day (also because their food is amazing!).

How to get to Monterosso Al Mare

The best way to get to Monterosso Al Mare is by train however, this may be the only one of Cinque Terre that can be easily accessed with a car. You can park your car in the parking right above the village, 10 min by feet far.
If you don’t want to take the risk of not finding where to park your car, leave it at the train station at La Spezia Centrale. You can take the train from there (there is one every 30 mins) or Genoa. When you arrive at the station, turn left and head to the centre of the town, you’ll find a tunnel under the hill. If you want to take the more “panoramic” route, right before entering the tunnel, turn right and follow the road. This way you’ll find the main square really easily!

Did you love this little town of Cinque Terre? Would you like to know all the other characteristic villages in this area and know what to do when you arrive in this locations? We have prepared a post about that and you can find it here.



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