Photographer in Riomaggiore

Photographer in Riomaggiore

The first time a photographer visits Cinque Terre is a real revelation. When you get down the train and enter Riomaggiore, the first town that you see if you arrive from La Spezia, the colourful paintings on the wall of the station welcome you. All this area is renowned for its wine, that’s why one the walls you’ll find scenes of the harvest that locals do on the typical terraced hills.
There are lot of beautiful locations to shoot in Riomaggiore, let’s find out some of them:

1. The main square

We have talked about the beautiful paintings on the walls at the train station, but you’ll find those also in the main square. Shooting a photo here may be difficult if we don’t start the service early in the morning during high season however, it definitely worth the effort! The warm colours of the houses add a gorgeous tone to every picture.

2. The church of San Giovanni Battista

This wonderful church is perfect for religious ceremonies for its wide space inside. It is also great for photos on the outside, since thanks to its charming doors, it’s a great spot for engagement and proposal pictures. The façade of the building is also lovely on the background of your pics!

3. Town hall terrace

This spot is accessible only if you are going to have your civil wedding in the town hall of the village. The view that you can have from here is amazing! You’ll have the chance to see all the town from a different perspective and we’re sure that you are going to love it!

4. Via dell’Amore

Via dell’Amore is a super-famous trail that goes from Riomaggiore to the other towns of Cinque Terre. The literal translation is “Love trail” and you’ll definitely love it! Beautiful cliffs and a stunning view of the blue sea of this is what are you going to see walking through this road. Obviously it’s picture-perfect!

5. The main street

We know that we often write about the beauty of the streets of Cinque Terre, but they are really wonderful! Every kind of couple photo, from engagements to weddings, come out so nice when you walk through these streets. The warm colours of the buildings that surrounds the streets give always a nice mood to the service.

How to get to Riomaggiore

The best way to get to Riomaggiore is by the train, as most of the other Cinque Terre villages. From La Spezia or Genoa, you can buy a Cinque Terre Pass that allows you to use the train multiple times during the day and it’s definitely the best choice to move through these towns.
Did you love this little town of Cinque Terre? Would you like to know all the other characteristic villages in this area and know what to do when you arrive in this locations? We have prepared a post about that and you can find it here.


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