First things first: What is a rustic wedding?

When you think about a rustic wedding, images of the countryside comes to your mind and, if this wedding is going to take place in Tuscany, add cypress and olive trees, rolling hills and a wonderful venue with rustic walls and the picture is complete!
This is a starting point for a marriage that wants to follow this style, however, there are A LOT of things to consider when planning a rustic wedding. I’d start with the location.

Where you can plan your rustic wedding in Tuscany?

Where you can plan your rustic wedding in Tuscany?

Tuscany is well renowned as one of the most (if not THE most) rustic destination in Italy. It really easy to find a beautiful rustic venue to celebrate your wedding almost everywhere in this region, however, maybe the most famous area located in the province of Siena. So, let’s start with three location suggestions for your rustic wedding in Tuscany, written by Olga of Eachother Wedding and Events.

Borgo Casabianca (Asciano, Siena)

A super romantic hamlet that can be the right choice if you dream a destination wedding with your families and friends.
The venue is reserved exclusively for you when you book it, to let you enjoy every moment with your guests.

Borgo Casabianca is full of history and characterized by authentic Tuscan features. Deeply immersed in the tradition, the hamlet offers beautiful spaces which have been converted to host weddings and events. The old stable now is a characteristic restaurant, available as plan B in case of bad weather and the patronal villa hosts beautiful suites for the bride,  the groom and their families. This location is filled with rustic details, so it’s also picture perfect!
Everything around talks about tradition and history:  the old “ziri”, big jars for the olive oil collection are now colourful flowerpots and the farmer’s warehouse is now a pool bar. This lovely venue has a private chapel where you can celebrate not only Catholic weddings but also civil unions, blessings and symbolic ceremonies.
The outdoor spaces are also wonderful: along with the Borgo, you can find a lovely central area with an old oven, which can be used for a rehearsal pizza party! The original garden of the villa is now a beautiful paved garden perfect for your wedding reception!
All around the venue you can enjoy the old farmer’s houses converted now in lovely and comfortable suites.
If you are looking for a countryside wedding venue with a chic touch, your search is over!

Villa Apparita (Pienza, Siena)

This is a countryside villa in the lovely Monticchiello, a fortified medieval village in Val d’Orcia. The venue is surrounded by nature and is a romantic choice for your destination wedding in Tuscany, especially if you dream of an alfresco wedding. The bigger feature of this location is its endless view over the wonderful hills around the gorgeous village of Pienza, the ideal city build by order of Pope Pio II. What an unforgettable experience to sip your welcome cocktail, surrounded by lavender plants during a warm sunset!
The courtyard of the villa can host a long imperial table, the typical Italian convivial wedding banquet. This rustic setting is great also you can add countryside details like pressed hay as aperitif seatings. This venue can be the right choice if you have an intimate wedding, to be lived in freedom.

Dimora Buonriposo (Sarteano, Siena)

The wonderful Dimora Buoriposo has an important historical background. The venue originally was built in 1560 as a convent and a pilgrims shelter, headed from and to the North, for this reason, is located on the Via Francigena, an ancient pilgrimage road that linked Rome to a great number of cities. This venue has a special and deep connection with the surrounding nature. The location is characterized by the main villa and an endless garden overlooking a breathless landscape.
The location offers also the opportunity to enjoy splendid heated pools from spring to fall. The venue, we can say without any doubts, that it is a perfect example of a countryside location: everywhere you can feel the strong connection with nature: when you arrive the scent of aromatic herbs like lavender and rosemary welcomes you and the horses and donkeys complete the rustic scenery.
The civil and symbolic wedding ceremony can take place anywhere here, all the surroundings are a perfect place for an outdoor celebration.
The most panoramic part of the venue is perfect for an alfresco reception dinner. Imagine a pool overlooking the Tuscan countryside with an old watchtower (Torre Tarugi) on the distance. A dream right? Add a lot of string lights over a long naked imperial table with a garland of greenery and flowers and a blaze of candles, a perfect touch of beauty and romanticism! Your dreamy rustic wedding in Tuscany is complete!

A wonderful countryside inspiration for your wedding gown

A wonderful countryside inspiration for your wedding gown

The first thing that everyone will want to see at your wedding is your wedding dress, that’s why I’ve asked the talented Maura Brandino to choose a perfect match for a rustic wedding.
Her Woodstock dress is in silk muslin with light embroidery and has long sleeves that highlight the neckline and the naked shoulders. The skirt, closed with a thin velvet belt, waves to the wind and recalls the natural and overall rustic feeling of the wedding.


Inspirational make-up colours and style for your rustic wedding

Inspirational make-up colours and style for your rustic wedding

The perfect make-up for a rustic wedding, according to the vision of the MUA Maura Martinelli, is essential, elegant in its simplicity and intimate, to enhance the natural beauty of the bride.
The colours of the countryside are the main character: natural browns with warmer or colder tones based on the bride’s skin tone.
The foundation is light, fresh and bright to enhance the intense look of the eyes.
A simple manicure and hair up or down with a soft hairstyle and some flowery decorations that recall the countryside will be the perfect combination for a rustic wedding.

What flowers should you choose for your rustic wedding?

What flowers should you choose for your rustic wedding?

There are many flowers that are simply perfect for a rustic wedding, and when I say many, I mean really a lot! Simona of Fior Decò will help us to see what will match your wedding in the Tuscan countryside.
Wedding flowers can be organized following their blossoming period: all summer or late summer.

All summer

Flowers that can be found and used during all summer are:

-Cosmos, that comes in different shapes and tones, from white and pale pink to a strong purple
-Fleur-de-lis, this flower  is delicate and romantic, it starts to blossom in May and continues until the end of summer
-Craspedia, Chamomile, Echinops and Eryngium, wildflowers that add a rustic feel to every bouquet
-Lavender, it can be used fresh at the beginning of summer or dried in September

Available only in late summer

-Dhalia, maybe these ones are the most scenic ones, with a lot of available colours. Unfortunately, its petals are vulnerable to heat, so it will be better if used for September weddings.
­-Nerine, characterized by long, colourful and curly petals
-More wildflowers like Solidago, Achillea, Limonium and many more!

To complete the countryside feel, add some gramineous plants to the composition!

Now it’s the time for a rustic bouquet inspiration. This bouquet has many white flowers like the Nigella damascena, with its starry-shaped petals and the Scabiosa caucasica, a romantic flower with wavy petals. The wildflower touch is given by the umbrella-like petals of Daucus carota and the sweet pea adds a wonderful smell to the composition. The “green” part of the bouquet you can find the grey leaves of Senecio cineraria.
It’s important to underline that the rustic feeling is determined not only by the type of flowers that you choose but also by the composition, the shapes and the harmony with all the other elements. Nothing has to be left to chance.

The perfect ring for a rustic wedding

For your wedding rings inspiration I have asked Elena of Linea Laboratorio Orafo to send me a perfect creation for a rustic wedding and the rings she sent me were amazing! These handmade creations aren’t linear like the classical wedding ring but present little facets, done with a file. The texture of the processing of the metal gives these pink gold rings a raw and rustic feel.

A gorgeous design for a rustic invitation and stationery

A gorgeous design for a rustic invitation and stationery

To end this post done in collaboration with amazing vendors, I’d love to introduce the design for your rustic invitation and stationery, created by Mary of Wildflower Estudio. The custom watercolour design of your wedding venue is a great idea and the rustic touch is given by the raw paper with ripped borders. A rustic image of an olive tree branch and a wax seal with a dried wildflower is the final touch

Thank you for reading!

As I always love to underline, this post has the goal to give you just an inspiration and if you are willing to have a rustic wedding in Tuscany, you can mix and add your own inspirations to ours.

I really hope that you’ve loved this!


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