First things first: What is an Eco wedding?

An Eco wedding has as main focus the sustainability and the environmental impact of all celebration, from the invitations to the end of the big day.
To talk about an important subject like this, I’ve asked Cecilia of Righe e Pois to write and describe what an Eco wedding is. Here’s what she wrote:

"My personal focus on nature have pushed me to guide my couples to create their dream wedding with an ethical and sustainable ecologic point of view. Starting from the vendors, I prefer to present who have my same views about this subject. This means seasonal food and flowers, reuse of the installations, optimization of materials, etc… I believe that new perspective is important in this sector and couples are starting to ask important questions like “How my wedding is going to impact on the environment and what can I do to lower this?”.
Starting from the location, choosing one that can be used both for the ceremony and reception is a great first step. An important thing to look at is how much “green” is the venue. Does it have natural energy sources? Is it respectful to the environment? Does it have an internal catering that uses seasonal food?"

Where you can plan your Eco wedding in Tuscany?

Where you can plan your Eco wedding in Tuscany?

There are a lot of variables to consider when thinking about an Eco wedding. If you feel lost and don’t know from where to start, maybe these venue suggestions by Cecilia may help you.

Borgo 4 Case (Camaiore, Lucca)

This little burg on the hills of Versilia is a B&B with a rustic, yet elegant, spirit. This quiet location is easy to get to but far from the usual touristic destinations. This location is great for intimate weddings since it can host 35 people inside.
It is characterized by an open space in nature and the ancient olive grove is simply stunning and perfect for a symbolic celebration or blessing. The pool is great for the aperitif time and the dinner can be done surrounded by the houses of the burg. The internal catering is specialized in the traditional Tuscan and Italian cuisine. Comfort and respect for the environment are the two main goals of Borgo 4 Case. To reduce their impact, they have installed solar panels, a little pond to collect rain to use to irrigate, they produce their own extra virgin olive oil and marmalades. Lights are LEDs, of course, but also pointed towards the ground to reduce light pollution.

Colle di Bordocheo (Capannori, Lucca)

If you are searching for a simple yet curated wedding, familiar and inspired by the beauty of the hills around Lucca, Colle Di Bordocheo is the perfect location for you. On the hill is possible to celebrate the civil or symbolic ceremony with the great vineyard and olive grove on the background. The wedding reception could present artisanal ceramics, reclaimed furniture, local and seasonal flowers in a romantic and familiar atmosphere. During the wedding reception, you could taste the organic wines and extra virgin oil of the venue.
Lastly, I would like to personally suggest another location for your wedding with an Eco perspective.

Podere Rondinaio (Lamporecchio, Pistoia)

Located on beautiful Tuscan hills, Podere Rondinaio is a great hidden gem if you are searching for an Eco-friendly wedding location deeply connected with nature and the natural rhythms. This ancient farm was originally owned by the famous Rospigliosi family and it was built in 1692. Today is a beautiful B&B run by a cute couple with a strong bio and organic view. Just to mention a few, the cultivate their own organic vegetables and fruit without the use of chemical pesticides, solar panels and a low-impact wood boiler, completely plastic-free (in their courtesy kit you’ll even find their home-made olive-oil soap!) and much more!
If you are thinking about getting married here, a wonderful outside ceremony can be organized below an ancient oak with an amazing view of the valley in the background. The aperitif could be prepared in the olive grove while dinner has been set up in the back of the venue. To end your beautiful day, the terrace will offer a magical view of the valley of Valdinievole, a real dream!

A wonderful and sustainable wedding gown for your eco wedding

A wonderful and sustainable wedding gown for your eco wedding

Can a wedding dress be environmental friendly?
Miranda of Miranda Di Sipio Atelier can answer this question. All dresses of her collection are made of natural Italian textiles but what really is outstanding about her work is her green philosophy. The flowers on her dresses are made of leftover fabric, so nothing is wasted. This also gives her the chance to really customize petal by petal all her creations, to match perfectly the bouquet and the flowers of the wedding.
Her “Fiori di Mandorlo”(almond flowers) is one gown of her collection “Le Fanciulle in Fiore” (blossoming girls) inspired by “La Recherce” written by Marcel Proust. Its ‘50s design, with a short airy gown, is perfect for a fresh and eco wedding.

What flowers should you choose for your eco wedding?

What flowers should you choose for your eco wedding?

Flowers are one of the most important things at a wedding. In an eco-oriented ceremony, choosing a great vendor who also follows a green philosophy is hard but not impossible! Puscina Flowers is specialized in the production of cut flowers with a green perspective.
I’ve asked Teresa, one of the owners of the company, to write something about her work and to give us some wedding flowers eco suggestions.

“We are a completely organic flower farm based in the hearth of Tuscany. We believe in the beauty that surrounds us and we would like to promote the simple side of our countryside, following the seasonality and natural cycles of every plant we use.
From spring to autumn there are a lot of choices and possible combinations.


It's one of the first annual plants who blossom in our garden. It is a very delicate flower but also strong enough to grow almost everywhere. Apart from the classic red ones, there are a wide variety of colours, from white to pink to purple.

English rose (garden rose)
It's a wonderful rose known for its soft petals and charming smell. The blossoming is from May to June and continues for other varieties in late summer and early autumn.

Also known as smokebush or smoked flower, this bush adds an airy effect and an ember colour to every bouquet. Blossoms from May to June


One of the most variegate flowers. It comes in a lot of kinds, size and colours. The ultimate summer/autumn flower, it starts to blossom in July and continues until November.

A big role is played by this flower. With its lightness is perfect for every bouquet, with colours from white/pink to deep purple. It blossoms from June to the end of the season.

This is a summer flower that lasts long. It is very elegant in the smallest varieties and explosive in its bigger ones.

Now the description of their wonderful bouquet.

This summer bouquet’s style is characterized by a natural feel, with a hand-dyed silk ribbon. The flowers are Café-au-lait and White Perfection Dahlias, some English Roses in their summer/autumn blossom. As secondary elements there are Cosmea alba and Scabiosa caucasica, to give airiness and movement to the flower composition.

The perfect ring for an eco wedding

The perfect ring for an eco wedding

I have to admit that searching for a great eco wedding ring wasn’t an easy task. I didn’t want to propose you wood rings, because I wanted to see if there was a possibility of choosing an ethical gold ring. After a long search, I had the luck to find Francesco of Gioielleria Belloni, who showed me its “Ethical Jewels” collection. Among his beautiful creations, I choose “Pura”, a brushed gold ring with a Fairmined certification. This certification ensures that this gold was mined giving attention to the environment and to the safety and working security of the miners. If interested in reading all the features of the Fairmined certification, visit their website here.

Inspirational make-up colours for your eco wedding

Inspirational make-up colours for your eco wedding

Keeping the attention to the environment, I’ve asked Maura of Maura Martinelli MUA to describe how a bride could follow the Eco-theme also for her wedding make-up.
The “eco-bride” chooses to respect the environment and there are a wide variety of choices for her make-up. All the products should be organic and ethical (not tested on animals) and luckily there are a lot of options even among Italian make-up brands. Biofficina Toscana, Neve Cosmetics, Puro Bio and Nabla to say a few. Even brushes should be synthetic (search for the “Leaping Bunny” certificate on all the products, read more about it here). All these qualities aren’t limitations at all of the creativity of the make-up artist, who will use wonderful natural pigments to enhance the beauty of the bride.

A wonderful idea for an eco invitation and stationery

A wonderful idea for an eco invitation and stationery

This post couldn’t end without a great eco inspiration for your invitation and stationery. The perfect eco bride will use digital invitations, but I understand the willing to give something “real” to the guests, so I’ve found this special paper that can be used for all your eco-wedding stationery designs. Have you ever heard about seeded paper? It’s a special kind of recycled paper with seeds inside. You can literally plant the invitations in a pot, add water and see them grow! Sara of Pratesi Designer has sent me some of her creation with this special paper. I think that this could be a wonderful gift for your guests and a gorgeous idea to give an additional “life” to your wedding invitations.

As I always love to underline, this post has the goal to give you just an inspiration and if you are willing to have a eco wedding in Tuscany, you can mix and add your own inspirations to ours.
I really hope that you’ve loved this!


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